July 19, 2016

10 months ago this site was under-construction. Boy has a lot changed in a matter of 10 months. I’ve left this blog un-touched for months and finally have decided to come back and keep tabs with it.

I pray that this blog serves as a way for me to grow in biblical wisdom and knowledge, and as a bridge between me and the rest of the world to see and read about some of the amazing things that God is capable of accomplishing in such a little life as myself’s.

Life is hard and I believe that that is something we both can agree on. However, we have a savior in King Jesus who is faithful to strengthen and lead His children in a life pleasing to him. Jesus’ life on Earth wasn’t easy and as believers, our lives may not be any easier especially as we get nearer to Jesus’ coming (Or death lol).

With that being said, we all have things that help to relinquish the stresses that life will inevitably bring. Some of us work out, some of us shoot, some of us run, some of us read, some of us play sports, some of us write, some of us draw, some of us call our besties, some of us call our pastors, all of us pray, and I blog.

Happy Reading (:

and welcome to Blessed By The King.

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