“S/he is just TOO CHRISTIAN.”

“He takes God TOO seriously.”

“Wasn’t she just stealing with us, now she wanna preach to me? Smh.”

This question can be formulated in different ways and arises in different circumstances regarding different people. Maybe you have a friend who can’t talk about anything other than God and Jesus. Maybe you’ve grown up in a church that only allows the girls to wear skirts, below the knee of course. More commonly, a friend on social media who can only post, share, and repost about all things Jesus. How could you forget about that one person you know who refuses to listen to anything other than Christian/Gospel music. Maybe you have a friend who is constantly trying to get you to go to church, read your bible, stop cussing, etc. And don’t we all enjoy the street evangelists with their “Jesus is coming soon” signs. You begin to question if he or she is just doing too much and if they could just chill about this whole Jesus thing. I mean you “love” God too but you ain’t doing ALL that. If you’re being honest you can find it really annoying or even… convicting. Well, I hope that my post can shed some light into this area, clarify some ideas we may have about humanity’s relationship with God and how people walk out their lives as Christians.

If we think anyone is or doing ‘too much’ of something than there is most likely a disconnect and we don’t identify ourselves as acting the same way. For example, if I think someone is on their phone for way too long than most likely I am not on my phone for long periods of time and I don’t think being on my phone for however long that may be is a good thing. If not, then I’d be a hypocrite. I might even be secretly envious of her iPhone because I’m #TeamAndroid. Whatever the case is, we tend to classify the statement ‘too much’ with negative connotations. But what if you found out that this person was deaf and the only way to communicate was through her phone. Then would you consider their phone use to be TOO MUCH? Most likely not.

I would first like to say that IT IS WRONG for ANYONE to twist God’s word found in The Bible to fit their own agendas and what they personally believe is right/wrong. Sometimes God might tell someone to no longer wear jewelry but that doesn’t mean that they should be forcing everyone else to do the same. The truth is strictly stated in The Bible and I STRONGLY urge you to read it on a daily basis to know for yourself what is true and clearly false. In the case of religious and legalistic actions, such as not wearing pants to church or not wearing weave or anything along those lines, that it wouldn’t be appropriate to label them as too Christian but as missing what it truly means to be a Christ follower. I’m always seeing signs, shirts, and pictures that say “Relationship over Religion” or “Religion sets RULES and Relationship sets you FREE” and its true. God desires a relationship with you, me & them. We cannot get to God by our works or simply by following some religious law. ALL have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23) & The Bible clearly makes the distinction between serving God not by works but by our FAITH in Him (Ephesians 2:8-9).

Now I want to go back to my phone example. You thought that this person was on their phone too much but once you found out that they were deaf and RELIED on their phone for communication then you could understand why they used their phone for so long. I think that this example can be used to describe why anyone would question if someone was too Christian or taking God too seriously. Maybe you don’t understand and maybe you need to get some clarification on why exactly they persist on the things they do as a Christian. The Jesus is coming soon signs are nothing but the truth and maybe God told that person to go on the road and preach because one or some will be able to hear The Gospel that way.

If your friend is always posting about Jesus on social media and talking about Him then maybe she just wants her followers and friends to know about Him and she understands that people can see so much filth on social media so she chooses to encourage and inspire instead. If there’s someone you know that won’t listen to any music other than music about God, understand that this person just wants to glorify God in all they do. 1 Corinthians 10:31 states,”So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” I’m sure all of us would be surprised if we found out our pastor was bumping to trap music with cuss words in every other line, or twerking on Snapchat to a Jersey mix. If we are indeed born again believers than we need to set similar standards for ourselves. Not because we are “holier than thou” but because these things can jeopardize our relationship and growth in Jesus Christ. Believe it or not, music can have an influence on our thoughts. Listen to music about sex and you’re more than likely gonna be thinking about sex. Why is it that we hold high standards for our pastors and leaders but not ourselves? A pastor won’t get into heaven because he’s a pastor but because he has made God His Lord & Savior and chose to serve Christ while on Earth. Seeing others walk out their faith in God should convict us to examine ourselves and see what areas of our lives that we haven’t surrendered to God. There are A LOT of people who profess to believe in God but have no relationship with Him and are bearing no fruit. You would be really surprised to even know if they were Christian. I used to be there. But thanks be to God that I was woken up to the TRUTH because of His immeasurable grace towards us and started to work on my relationship with Him. Best decision ever!

Maybe you’re here and you don’t even believe there is a God or maybe you believe in a god other than Jesus. I completely understand. We’re humans and it is difficult and quite impossible to understand eternity apart from God. For crying out loud, all I see and know is what is shown to me on Earth. However, we will still be without excuse on the day of judgement and I’m urging you to go outside, look up, look around, and see God in the midst of creation. Pray and ask Him to change your heart, surrender your life to Him, READ THE BIBLE, pray, pray, and pray.

The real question isn’t are they too Christian but

Are YOU following Christ?

My prayer is that you will get to know God as your Lord and Savior and take your faith seriously. God isn’t some faraway mystic being who allows bad things to happen to us. The enemy won’t be afraid to feed us this lie (If God were to take away bad things we’d go right along with them). The truth is that God is here with you and there is nothing He wants more than for you to be His and for Him to be yours.

With LOVE,

Gabriella Pierre




One thought on “Is S/he “TOO CHRISTIAN”?

  1. I love this so much! so many people are embarrassed or just simply not aware of the things you’ve mentioned. Writing this blog speaks to youth in ways they understand and it’s beneficial that it’s online where most if not all of them are connected.

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