Missions Trip to Georgetown, Guyana

Thank you so much to those who are reading up on my blog and checking in. I appreciate the love and support sooo much! You guys are encouraging!

My name is Gabriella Pierre and I am currently a sophomore at the University of Central Florida! I am majoring in English Language Arts Education and minoring in Nonprofit Management. (I was previously a Health Sciences major but maybe in another post, I can share my story of why I switched majors).


In about 2-3 months I will hopefully be traveling to Georgetown, Guyana to participate in a missions trip along with New Life Church of God, my church here in Orlando, Fl.

I initially decided to let this opportunity pass me by because of the fear of raising finances but we know that Fear and Faith cannot coincide with each other. I am glad to announce that I am stepping out on FAITH and trusting God to provide according to His riches and glory during my fundraising process.

I am asking ALL who can to join me in making a difference in this mission field through your prayers and financial support. I am responsible for raising $1,000 to help buy my plane ticket, lodging, meals, etc. I must have all my funds ($1,000) raised by April 31st.

For those of you who don’t know, I have a passion to be an advocate for children and youth in many aspects. Including but not limited to, Spiritual guidance, Literacy & Education, Financial literacy, Mentoring, Teaching, Tutoring and walking alongside those who have suffered from any abuse and neglect with a Faith-based approach.

By God’s infinite grace, the perfect opportunity for me to start working in my love for children internationally and through missions has been given to me. Our mission will be devoted to working with the “Bless The Children” home. We will be assisting in manual labor at the orphanage, interact with the children (games, fun time, and ministry) and lead Evangelistic services through the local churches.

I know that God desires to use all who are willing and my prayer is that God will lead you to cheerfully use your financial resources to send one of His children out to the missions field (for the very first time) & spread God’s love like wildfire.

I have created a GoFundMe campaign for my trip and over these weeks I will be praying that God will lead more and more people to donate so that I can reach my desired goal of 1,000. If I happen to go over, I will be donating the extra money to the orphanage that we will be working with.

Thank you in advance for any donation of ANY amount. I love you all and as you pray for me, I’ll be praying for you.

Here is the link that you can click to donate: My Missions Trip GoFundMe Campaign.


God loves you SOOOO MUCH!! You just don’t know!

Gabby P.

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