Back To School, Now What?

If you’re me, then you’re excited about going back to school because it’s your Senior Year and there’s so much you’re looking forward to.

However, I think it’s necessary to set some goals for ourselves because before we know it, the year will be over.

  1. God First.

Yes, I know this is a cliche, “Instagram bio” statement but it reigns true and must actually be lived out instead of saying it because it sounds like the right thing to do. Once you get in the rhythm of class work, actual work, and community/campus involvement it can be easy to lose sight of where all your time is going. Last year, this Continue reading “Back To School, Now What?”

The Beauty of Singleness

There was a time in my life when I just could not stand being single. Actually, I was in two very unique positions. I didn’t want to be single and I was doing everything I could to be in a relationship with an ex. Once God healed me from the ties from that relationship, I still didn’t want to be single. However, I couldn’t do anything about it because I knew that I wasn’t going to be settling for just any available guy and I knew that God wanted me to be single even if I couldn’t stand it. Maybe you can relate?

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Chi Alpha Southeast SALT Conference 2017 – My Experience

This past weekend I had the privilege of attending a Salt conference with my Chi Alpha family in Knoxville, Tennessee. There’s just something about a gathering of believers worshiping one God, and hearing His word being spoken in a way that resonates with everyone in the room. I arrived one way and I am leaving refreshed, revived, and ready.

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How God gave me a fully funded Undergraduate-Phd scholarship from Bill & Melinda Gates.


You know, The kids who get a few C’s here but manage to balance it with a few A’s and B’s there. The Top 10, 15, or 20 percent. The students who earned the respect of family members as the one who “cared and excelled” academically but refuted with a “You should see the kids at school.” You know, the pupils who almost always go unnoticed at award ceremonies. The middle kids. The mediocre ones. Continue reading “How God gave me a fully funded Undergraduate-Phd scholarship from Bill & Melinda Gates.”