Three Tips to Ensure Quality Time with God in School/College

I know I’m not the only one who tends to get “busy” with small yet tedious tasks that my alone time with God begins to decrease little by little.

In my previous post, I briefly mentioned the direction that God was taking me in terms of my education and because of that my brain just like super-focused on things like sending this email, attending this meeting, submitting this assignment, etc…

Small right? Yet, those things were taking up a lot of my time. How? The time that I had was being filled up with those tasks and before I knew it, my day was pretty much gone and it was on to the next day. This is what I like to call, Auto-pilot mode.

Instead of planning and taking control of my time, my time was pretty much controlling me. I was going with the flow and not really being purposeful about where my time was going. As a result, my quality time with God decreased and my fire and hunger for Him wasn’t growing.  This is why I want to briefly talk about a few things that are essential to make sure you are spending necessary time with God.  Continue reading “Three Tips to Ensure Quality Time with God in School/College”

Life Update: My plans for writing and sharing my journey :)

Hey ya’ll!

So I have not posted any blogs in a while because for the past few weeks God has been leading me to focus on progressing in my academics and fulfilling my responsibilities at my school. In order to be consistent in my writing, I would have had to plan accordingly but ya girl has not done so. Also, I want my writing to be Spirit led and not write just to write.

I don’t want to just be a writer or a blogger. I want my writing and my words to come from God and to be an instrument that He uses to touch the hearts of His people to encounter Him.

Now, I feel stirred to post more content as I’m led by the Lord. It was one of my goals at the beginning of 2018 and I’m so happy that God is still keeping this dream alive lol!

I’m also here to serve you all as my audience, so if there’s anything in particular that you would love to know or read about please feel free to shoot me a DM or post a comment. I’d love to hear about it and God-willing address it 🙂

With love,


You Are Not Too Young To Do What You Love & Make A Difference

Welp. Here it goes. Another night, another message. Lol! j/k j/k

One thing I have come to full realization of, especially as a Christian (can’t cannot mention that) is that you are not too young to do what you love. Yes, there will be times when maturity and development, etc. will come with time therefore some opportunities will have to wait but God won’t ever disqualify you from being used because of your age alone. Continue reading “You Are Not Too Young To Do What You Love & Make A Difference”

Why you have a reason to celebrate Father’s Day-even when you think you don’t

Fatherlessness has unfortunately affected many families and generations. It’s a topic sensitive for many and when thought about can arouse feelings of anger, confusion, sadness, insecurity, and doubt. God ordained man to be the head of the household (1 Corinthians 11:3) and when the father is missing or not leading as he should; it affects the family. Don’t get me wrong, the mother, family members, and the church can then step in to help as needed but the father plays such a vital role in families that when he is missing it can affect generations after.

Continue reading “Why you have a reason to celebrate Father’s Day-even when you think you don’t”