You are not too young to do what you love and make a difference

Welp. Here it goes. Another night, another message. Lol! j/k j/k

One thing I have come to full realization of, especially as a Christian (can’t cannot mention that) is that you are not too young to do what you love. Yes, there will be times when maturity and development, etc. will come with time therefore some opportunities will have to wait but God won’t ever disqualify you from being used because of your age alone. Continue reading “You are not too young to do what you love and make a difference”

Why you have a reason to celebrate Father’s Day-even when you think you don’t

Fatherlessness has unfortunately affected many families and generations. It’s a topic sensitive for many and when thought about can arouse feelings of anger, confusion, sadness, insecurity, and doubt. God ordained man to be the head of the household (1 Corinthians 11:3) and when the father is missing or not leading as he should; it affects the family. Don’t get me wrong, the mother, family members, and the church can then step in to help as needed but the father plays such a vital role in families that when he is missing it can affect generations after.

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New Year, Same You

The new year’s posts start flooding our timelines right along with the memes criticizing those New Year, New Me posts. Let’s be honest, we don’t want to be “that person”. However, we all find ourselves sometimes wanting to change and we usually see a new year as one of the best times to start setting some new goals and working towards what it is we would like to change about ourselves or maintain. As humans we never want to actually be the same and we usually strive to improve. New starts that may prompt change in our lives may be:

  • A new semester
  • A new school year
  • New year
  • Birthdays
  • Etc…

The adrenaline from how “new” everything seems gets you excited and worked up. Continue reading “New Year, Same You”

Missions Trip to Georgetown, Guyana

Thank you so much to those who are reading up on my blog and checking in. I appreciate the love and support sooo much! You guys are encouraging!

My name is Gabriella Pierre and I am currently a sophomore at the University of Central Florida! I am majoring in English Language Arts Education and minoring in Nonprofit Management. (I was previously a Health Sciences major but maybe in another post, I can share my story of why I switched majors).

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