Our Mission

Blessed By The King is a mission-driven community devoted to proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ with a testimony that He is The One through whom all blessings flow. In a world where it is easy to get lost in riches or the finer things in life, we remember that our blessings aren't limited to tangible and material possessions. Humanity is blessed because we were given a Savior and Kinsman-Redeemer who seeks the lost, provides for those in need, and puts the lonely in families. Simply put, we testify that our most important blessings, money can’t buy but Jesus can provide.


Our vision is that we are more than a brand or T-shirt.


We want you to be inspired to speak up for the unheard and seek justice for the oppressed. Last but not least, we want you to remember and share the goodness of God in your own life.


Thank you for learning more about who we are. We invite you to join our online community by connecting with us on social media or signing up for our mailing list.

With love,
Gabriella Todd


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